A MacLaren F1 Car, a Major Australian TV Network and our Uber sexy Uniforms in one day?!? Have the past 2000 Christmas' come all at once???


Today was incredible. Begining with the Arrival of McLaren MP4-22 Formula One Car (Pictured with the team below). Loads of students marvelled at the surprisingly small driver's seat and photographed this amazing machine. 


A team from the ABC24 news network  filmed a story on our journey. A new experience for much of the team who have never spoken on TV before. With only a short time to go before we fly out to Texas, this really was a great way to kick off the last leg of the competition.


A huge thanks to Captivations for their supply of our Uniforms. Now, enjoy the compilation of photos from the Formula 1 event below.  



Motion Racing is a team in the F1 in Schools Competition from Engadine High School, New South Wales. Currently we are busy preparing for the World Finals to be held in Austin Texas at the Circuit of the Americas in mid November.